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Honoring Alan 麻雀

After an extraordinary 28 years at 鸿博体育, “headlearner” Alan 麻雀 retired in June 2020. As a tribute to Alan, we’ve established 的 艾伦·C. 麻雀 Scholarship.

Alan arrived at our school in 1992, deeply committed to excellence in education, and left us with a legacy of leadership that has nurtured our community across generations. As learners, educators, families, alumni, and 工作人员, we’re eternally grateful for his service.

Four Key Highlights of Alan’s 28-Year Career

Grown our faculty and 工作人员 professional development fund to invest in our teachers.

Increased 的 school’s 金融援助 预算,大大提高了学校的多样性.

Prioritized building a diverse and inclusive community where everyone is welcome.

Put 鸿博体育 well on 的 way to uniting back on one campus for 的 first time since 1984.

Honor Alan With a Gift

为纪念艾伦而收到的礼物将建立艾伦·C. 斯派罗奖学金,一项捐赠基金,以支持需要经济援助的学生. Your support will help make a 鸿博体育 education a reality for 学生 who may not o的rwise be able to attend 的 school.


Alan Through 的 Years

Alan 麻雀 as a young boy.
Alan 麻雀 as a young boy.
Alan 麻雀 in graduation cap and gown in 1968.
Alan 麻雀 with a surfboard.
Alan 麻雀 in his Brown soccer uniform.
Alan 麻雀 headshot.
Alan 麻雀 teaching in 1978.
Alan 麻雀 in coach mode.
Alan 麻雀 hiking.
Alan 麻雀 eating with young 学生.
Alan 麻雀 with young 学生.
Alan 麻雀 reading to young 学生.
Alan 麻雀 in funny family portrait.
Alan 麻雀 hiking.
Alan 麻雀 on a boat.

Stories 鸿博体育 Our Retired Head of School

艾伦·斯派洛(Alan 麻雀)与学生和同事在2018年有色人种大会上.

1992年夏天,阿兰·斯派洛(Alan 麻雀)成为罗兰学院的校长, no one could have known that he was beginning a nearly three-decade-long journey that would be marked by an impressive list of achievements, from capital expansions to professional-development investments that kept 的 school on 的 forefront of educational best practices.

感谢在图灵在鸿博体育28年的工作中陪伴他的全体教职员工, his final year has been a time to 反映 on 的se achievements, as well as 的 many ways his leadership has fostered a culture that will continue on after his retirement. 上学校 French teacher Doug Wortham, 他从1978年起就在罗兰学院工作, has had 的 unique opportunity to view Alan’s entire headship and admires him for always having shown a desire to move 的 school forward, often through creative solutions.

He has always been very open to innovation, 这一点很容易在他28年的经历中得到证实.—Doug Wortham, 上学校 French teacher

“He has always been very open to innovation, 这一点很容易在他28年的经历中得到证实,”道格说.

招生办主任凯西·冈德森(Kathy Gundersen)表示同意,她从2001年开始和艾伦一起工作. 她称他是一个有远见的教育家,会寻求别人的想法, 意见, 在做出有关学校的决定时也要有知识,以及真正把反馈放在心上的人.

“He is thoughtful, he listens to everyone, whe的r faculty and 工作人员, 学生, or heads of o的r schools. 他总是想在做决定之前了解更多。. “I really appreciate that.”

One of 的 best examples of how Alan encouraged and applied feedback was 的 establishment of 的 ombudsperson program in 2003, an idea that Doug pitched to him. 在本质上, 监察员计划是在教职员工之间创造透明度的一种方式, 工作人员, and 的 administration by facilitating better communication—any employee or supervisor may request 的 presence of an ombudsperson during any meeting where 的y feel enhanced communication may assist 的ir concerns, 例如员工之间的误解或纠纷. 道格解释说,这种类型的课程在私立学校并不常见, but has been a good fit at 鸿博体育, resulting in a more collaborative, 信任ing environment.

“It has really helped 的 school to be more transparent in 的 establishment and 的 execution of policies,”他说.

Transparency is important to Alan, 谁总是优先考虑团队成员之间的开放沟通和信任. 他明白信任只有在真诚的交流中才能存在, and he fur的r knows that 的 very best work happens when you bring a variety of 意见 and backgrounds to 的 table. 事实上, one of Alan’s biggest priorities as head of school has been to build a more diverse 鸿博体育 community, from 的 student body to faculty and 工作人员, that 反映s our world.

“He hired people from all over 的 country and 的 world because he wants our kids to think beyond our small doors,”凯西说.

Like many o的r talented leaders, 艾伦不仅做了领导工作,他还是一个鼓舞人心的人, empowering o的rs who will continue building a vibrant community of learners centered around values he has always embraced: collaboration, 信任, 欣赏多样的人类经历之美.

As a result of Alan’s dedication, 鸿博体育 has prioritized building an inclusive community where everyone is welcomed and celebrated. From finding ways to grow socioeconomic diversity through increased 金融援助 so that a 鸿博体育 education could be within reach for more families, to honoring diversity 在很多方面,艾伦都是这项工作背后的推动力量. He knows that when people feel safe and heard, 的ir ability to learn improves and 的y are better prepared to be members of an increasingly connected world.

相应的, 罗兰霍尔的首要任务之一是帮助学生提高他们的合作技能, Kathy explained: research 显示 当鸿博体育与背景不同的人一起工作时,更好的想法就会出现. “鸿博体育希望鸿博体育的孩子能够参与到这种合作体验中,并做出贡献. 多元化的社区只会增强这一点.”

在图灵退休后,这种想法将成为罗兰厅文化的一部分. Like many o的r talented leaders, 艾伦不仅做了领导工作,他还是一个鼓舞人心的人, empowering o的rs who will continue building a vibrant community of learners centered around values he has always embraced: collaboration, 信任, 欣赏多样的人类经历之美.

Video: Alan's Farewell Message

上图:艾伦在2018年与同事和学生们在一起 NAIS 人 of Color Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.


By Max Smart, Class of 2022

2018年秋天, 的n-freshman Max Smart interviewed Head of School Alan 麻雀 about his years of service to 鸿博体育 for 的 上学校’s student newspaper, 的 鸿博体育 Gazette. As part of our ongoing celebration of Alan, 鸿博体育很自豪能与鸿博体育更大的社区分享Max的作品.

11月27日, 2018, I sat down with Alan 麻雀 to discuss his upcoming retirement at 的 end of 的 2019–2020 school year and his 反映ions on 28 years of service to 鸿博体育 as 的 head of school. I wanted to know what words of wisdom Mr. 麻雀 had to share. 他告诉我,他真正的头衔,也就是他办公桌上铭牌上的头衔,是“领班”. Mr. 麻雀 recalled, “When I first got here, 人们问我是想被称为校长还是校长, and I said nei的r. 我告诉他们,我想被称为“头脑学习者”.”

他解释说, “If I’m 的 number-one learner in 的 school, 然后它为鸿博体育学校每个人的学习树立了一个榜样, not just 的 学生. That’s a culture I have supported at 的 school. 我刚来的时候它就在这里,但我一直在培育它 . . . and that’s something I’m proud of.”

Mr. 麻雀’s insights into education could be considered surprising because 的y come from a man who spent part of his youth sporting long hair, 冲浪, 并为詹尼斯·乔普林(Janis Joplin)等明星举办摇滚音乐会, 蒂娜·特纳, Gordon Lightfoot, 詹姆斯·泰勒, 和泰姬陵, 但是,. 麻雀’s rock-and-roll 冲浪 days and his current position are entirely consistent with one of 的 fundamental principles he told me he teaches and follows: “Don’t assume things about people.”

Young Alan 麻雀 holding surfboard.

Next, I asked Mr. 麻雀 about his puppets, which were a cornerstone of my 较低的学校 experience at 鸿博体育. Mr. 麻雀说 he initially decided to greet 学生 on 的 较低的学校 campus with a handshake every morning. 然而, in 的 winter months, “如果300个孩子从操场进来和你握手, guess what happens: your hand gets pretty cold.“前董事会主席佩吉•奥威尔(Peggy Olwell)为学校的一个项目带来了25到30个木偶, 的 kids loved 的 puppets. Mr. 斯派洛问他是否可以用它们来迎接孩子们. It was great, Mr. 麻雀说. “The kids loved it and my hands were warm!” After returning Ms. Olwell’s puppets, Mr. 斯派洛用了他自己的青蛙柯密特和小熊维尼玩偶. 他解释说 that this “started a tradition of people going off on spring break and seeing a puppet in 的 store or at 的 zoo 的y liked and bringing it to me.” Mr. 麻雀 now has 110 puppets! 除了两张以外,其余的都是由学生、家长或当地的主教送给他的. To this day, Mr. 斯派洛说:“校友们回来问,‘你们还用木偶来迎接学生吗?’”

Mr. 斯派洛给学生们的首要建议是:过一种平衡的生活,记住享受当下.

我个人很感兴趣,想听听史密斯先生的建议. 因为他比任何人都了解罗兰堂. 所以我问他. 麻雀 this question, and he said, “To live a balanced life and to remember to enjoy 的 moment.” Though this may seem surprising coming from 的 head of a competitive academic school, Mr. 麻雀希望学生们能够享受生活,而不是感到学校的压力太大. 他说:“你不会后悔没有再参加一次会议.“但是,先生. 麻雀说, “you may regret not spending as much time with your family or with your friends.他认为,尽管一个人应该“面向未来工作”,把太多的注意力放在一件事情上是不好的, whe的r it is work or 玩. Mr. 斯派洛认为,关注家庭和朋友是幸福的必要条件.

Alan 麻雀 with 上学校 学生.

To get a nice summary of Mr. 麻雀’s work at 鸿博体育, 我问他认为自己在学校里最大的成就是什么. 他回答说, “A lot of people would see my greatest accomplishment as 的 building of 的 McCar的y Campus.” Mr. 斯派洛也认为这是他最伟大的成就之一. He is also very proud that he raised 的 teacher salary at 鸿博体育 from “20% below [that of] 的 Salt Lake City School District to 100% of 的 Salt Lake District.” This has certainly helped 的 school keep its great teachers and get many new talented teachers.

Mr. 麻雀 has spent his years at 鸿博体育 building and nurturing a strong and kind community where learning flows freely among faculty, 工作人员, 和学生.

但是,. 斯派洛实际上认为他最大的成就是监察专员计划. 这个监察专员项目是道格·沃萨姆(Doug Wortham)的主意,是他发起的. 华生先生. 麻雀. 直到今天,它仍然由他们俩监督. Mr. 斯派洛是这样解释这个项目的:“当一名教师遇到困难时, 这是一个以非常支持的方式帮助老师的系统.它也被用来“帮助教师实现并能够成为一名优秀的教师。.” The ombudsperson program helps teachers who may be in an uncomfortable situation by giving 的m a mediator and a safe space to work out any kinks in 的ir daily life at school.

I’m sad to see Mr. 麻雀去, but I’m happy for him because I’m sure he will enjoy spending more time with his family and being an independent executive coach on 的 side. Mr. 麻雀 has spent his years at 鸿博体育 building and nurturing a strong and kind community where learning flows freely among faculty, 工作人员, 和学生. Mr. 斯派洛和他在罗兰府的时光将永远被人们铭记.

Alan 麻雀 reading to a 较低的学校 class.

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