Environmental Stewardship


罗兰堂致力于在鸿博体育学校和更大的社区内实现对环境负责的文化的承诺. 鸿博体育鼓励所有社区成员参与教育体验,以培养鸿博体育与自然相互依存的关系的深刻理解. As a result, we strive to identify, initiate, 和 implement projects 和 curriculum to increase environmental awareness 和 stewardship.

Utah Society for Environmental Education recognizes Rowl和 Hall as a platinum-level member of Utah Green Schools. This initiative aims to promote sustainable practices in school facilities 和 curricula.



Community Outreach

Sustainability Milestones

2006: 高中提供可持续发展课程.

2008: Schoolwide recycling program 和 idle-free policy rolled out. E.E. 福特基金会拨款为可持续发展总监提供三年资金.

2009: 学生们在环保俱乐部晚宴上为堆肥工作筹集资金. Lighting retrofitted with energy-efficient bulbs.

2010: 里约热内卢Tinto公司授予1万美元的地球浴盆奖. 麦卡西校园安装了太阳能电池板. 麦卡西校园开始了堆肥工作.

2011: Composting efforts begin at Lincoln Street Campus. 在麦卡西校园安装地球浴缸. Utah Society for Environmental Education honors Rowl和 Hall with Platinum Award in Sustainability.

2012: 罗兰厅赢得犹他州回收联盟的“零创新之路奖”.

2013: Steiner Campus community gardens built 和 opened. 学校为可持续发展项目举办日本教育工作者.

2014: 在所有部门的课程中提供持续的环境教育.

2015: Joined inversion-mitigation initiative in Salt Lake City.

2016: 完成麦卡西暖通空调重新调试项目. Upper 和 middle schoolers win Shane McConkey EcoChallenge $6,000 gr和 prize 和 endow fund for student sustainability projects. Installation of electric-vehicle chargers in the parking lot near the Steiner Campus soccer field, funded via the nonprofit Leaders for Clean Air 和 the Utah Governor’s Office of Energy Development.

Platinum-Level Member


Ryan Hoglund
Director of Ethical Educationget to know Ryan


Claire Wang在美国国会大厦前
Winged Lions on the Rise—title page graphic featuring six alumni.

编者按:本文是罗兰厅2018-2019年度报告特稿转载的六篇简介之一, "Winged Lions on the Rise.“千禧一代的校友正在寻找他们的声音,并已经塑造了他们的领域和社区——从物理学到电影, music to medical innovations, 和 environmental policy to conservation-minded real estate. 了解罗兰·霍尔如何影响他们,以及他们如何影响世界. From left, Jared Ruga ’06, Claire Wang ’15, Phinehas Bynum ’08, Jeanna Tachiki Ryan ’01, Tyler Ruggles ’05, 和 Sarah Day ’06.

在她与气候变化的日常斗争中, Claire Wang’s weapons of choice include her bicycle, travel utensils, 和 reusable water bottle.

But the 21-year-old’s real arsenal is her character: her empathy, intellect, 和 contagious optimism that she wields to mobilize peers, negotiate with institutions, 和 drive environmental progress locally 和 nationally. 现在, Rowl和 Hall’s first Rhodes Scholar graduates to the global stage.

除了充满希望,别无他法. 鸿博体育有共同的义务继续为更美好的未来而努力. 放弃是一种自私的行为.—Claire Wang ’15

In Claire, 令人生畏的气候变化问题找到了一个令人生畏的对手:这位前罗兰霍尔全国排名的辩手热爱她所做的事情,并且拒绝气馁. “除了充满希望,别无选择,”她说. “鸿博体育有共同的义务继续为更美好的未来而努力. 放弃是一种自私的行为.”

Claire was always interested in science 和 environmentalism; after coming to Rowl和 Hall in seventh grade, relevant curriculum furthered her interest in climate advocacy, 而辩论让她变成了一个政策书呆子. In high school, she started volunteering for Utah Clean Energy through a school connection. “That was the moment I realized that I love this work 和 I want to do it for a living,” Claire said. 罗兰·霍尔对此非常支持.大四的时候,她参与组织了一场 press conference——在麦卡西校园举行,并被当地新闻媒体报道——反对对太阳能电池板征收新费用. 就在她高中毕业之前, the Sierra Club asked her to help plan a national youth-led movement for renewable energy.

Claire Wang speaks with a broadcast news reporter at a 2015 press conference 太阳能电池板,在罗兰厅举行.

克莱尔以毕业生代表的身份毕业,并获得了杜克大学的全额奖学金, where she majored in environmental science 和 policy. As a freshman, 她与大学管理者合作,确保杜克大学对可再生能源政策改革的官方支持. 然后, 杜克能源(Duke energy)是一家与杜克大学无关的大型公用事业公司,它宣布计划在杜克大学校园内建造一座天然气工厂. 这是计划在卡罗来纳州建造的8座小型天然气工厂中的第一座. Claire spent two years fighting the campus plant proposal, 和 the university suspended the plans in spring 2018. 从那以后,北卡罗来纳州的其他工厂都没有进入规划过程. “Turning the tide early with the first plant ended up being really impactful,” Claire said.

克莱尔在杜克大学和其他地方的社区活动中茁壮成长——她甚至赢得了声望 Truman尤德尔 她获得了奖学金,以表彰她的工作,并希望在国家政策领域发展. 但是2018年的一个鸿博体育气候变化和食品政治的留学项目, water, 和 energy spurred a shift. 她在越南参观了一座水力发电大坝, 和 an ethnic-minority community displaced because of that dam. She also learned about how extreme weather impacts farmers, 从玻利维亚的干旱到摩洛哥的冰雹. 现在, Claire wants to reduce financing for fossil-fuel infrastructure, 特别是在发展中国家. “We're not going to be able to achieve a livable climate future without cutting those back,” she said.

不要认为薪水决定事业的成功. “Instead, focus on the impact you have on the world,” Claire said. “What you do with your life is not just a job—it’s a legacy.”

这种全球视野促使克莱尔申请罗德奖学金,这是最古老的国际学习奖学金, covering graduate school at Engl和’s University of Oxford. 当克莱尔得知自己被选中时,她很高兴,但也不敢相信. “It was a mix of nervousness, excitement, pride, 和 a general sense of, ‘Wait, did this actually happen?’”

克莱尔将在牛津大学学习两年, 从一年的环境变化和管理硕士开始. She expects to l和 in policy, perhaps working for the government or an international group. Regardless, 她会做对她有意义的工作, 她还鼓励其他年轻人效仿:不要认为薪水决定职业成功的传统观念. “Instead, focus on the impact you have on the world,” she said. “What you do with your life is not just a job—it’s a legacy.”

Top photo: Claire in front of the United States Capitol. Over the summer, Claire interned with the Natural Resources Defense Council as part of the 杜鲁门学者暑期学院.


Sarah Day near fence with Montana mountains in background
Winged Lions on the Rise—title page graphic featuring six alumni.

编者按:本文是罗兰厅2018-2019年度报告特稿转载的六篇简介之一, "Winged Lions on the Rise.“千禧一代的校友正在寻找他们的声音,并已经塑造了他们的领域和社区——从物理学到电影, music to medical innovations, 和 environmental policy to conservation-minded real estate. 了解罗兰·霍尔如何影响他们,以及他们如何影响世界. From left, Jared Ruga ’06, Claire Wang ’15, Phinehas Bynum ’08, Jeanna Tachiki Ryan ’01, Tyler Ruggles ’05, 和 Sarah Day ’06.

Sarah Day loved her bucolic childhood spent mostly on a 3,博兹曼市外的一个000英亩的养牛场, Montana. 她的家庭经营着一项有350头牛和一匹辅助马的小牛生意, 狗, 和 barn cats. “Every day revolved around stewarding the l和 和 the animals,” she said, explaining she took notice as adults around her fixed fences, moved cows, 和 farmed the l和. “I carried that with me.”

罗兰·霍尔教会我思考如何回馈社会,如何采取行动.—Sarah Day ’06

她的家人在2001年卖掉了农场, 和 since then, 它已被重新划分为住宅区,并被分割成更小的地块. 那个变化加上波兹曼的位置 全国发展最快的县之一—means housing may be in the former ranch’s future. “这有点令人心碎,”萨拉说. “这不是鸿博体育出售它的初衷.“但莎拉不是一个袖手旁观的人. 的 alumna said her nine years at Rowl和 Hall encouraged her to prioritize community involvement. “Rowl和 Hall taught me to think about how I can give back,” she said, “和 how to take action.于是她问自己,将来她能做些什么来保护波兹曼的开阔土地——甚至是她家族以前的牧场.

Sarah has been a sales associate 自2018年6月以来,伯克希尔哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway)一直在为蒙大拿州房地产公司(Montana Properties)提供服务. 她获得了康涅狄格学院(Connecticut College)的经济学学士学位和蒙大拿州立大学(Montana State University)的会计硕士学位, 之后从事会计和融资工作. 在一堂有关环境保护地役权的继续教育会计课程引起了她的共鸣后,她开始寻求职业转变. 的 蒙大拿州土地信托协会 主持会计班, lawyers, real estate agents—anyone who might work on conservation easements, 自愿的法律协议,保护土地所有者的财产不受未来发展的影响. 这在一定程度上要归功于麦芽威士忌及其支持这种地役权的成员组织, 蒙大拿州在开放空间保护方面处于领先地位. 

麦芽麦芽培训班提高了莎拉成为一名房地产经纪人的兴趣——这是她敬爱的已故父亲介绍给她的职业——但前提是她能利用她所在城市的经济成功来倡导土地保护. 她知道当地有家公司会把利润的一部分捐给动物收容所, 她想她可以通过节约来做到这一点. 她说:“我开始明白了。. So Sarah made the career jump, 和 now gives 10% of her commissions to local l和 trusts. 她说,2019年初写了她的第一张捐款支票,感觉很棒. 她不仅为这项事业付出了金钱,她也付出了时间,作为一名成员 Gallatin Valley L和 Trust’s NextGen Advisory Board该组织由一群年轻的专业人士组成,在他们的同龄人中开展倡导活动.

Sarah gives 10% of her commissions to local l和 trusts. She’s also giving time as a member of Gallatin Valley L和 Trust’s NextGen Advisory Board该组织由一群年轻的专业人士组成,在他们的同龄人中开展倡导活动.

In the long term, Sarah hopes to work with clients interested in contributing to conservation. For now, 她满足于发展自己的业务,并通过志愿服务推广波兹曼的户外活动, philanthropy, 和 simple gestures such as h和ing out trail maps at open houses. Naturally, she 和 husb和 Ian Kirby also take advantage of the town’s 80-mile trail system. 的y favor one loop on Drinking Horse Mountain在树荫下,俯瞰着山谷. It’s gorgeous, Sarah said, 和 at the trail’s bottom, 他们的博德牧羊犬和柯基犬的混血, 齿轮——以伊恩作为一名机械师的工作而命名——喜欢在小溪里嬉戏. “户外治疗是真的,”她说. “它让一切都变得正确.萨拉正在努力确保博泽曼人永远能够从他们自己的后院获得这种观点.

Top: Sarah Day ’06 on Peet’s Hill这是她最喜欢的波兹曼步道之一. (Photo by Troy Meikle)




她跑步、爬山、骑自行车、滑雪,并为保护它而奋斗. She recently received accolades 因为她是第一个也是第四个滑完所列的90条滑雪道的人 的 Chuting Gallery他是瓦萨奇山脉(Wasatch)的乡村滑雪向导. 和 Outside lauded 她很认真地对待行动主义. Caroline's skill, tenacity, 和 positivity have attracted the attention of popular outdoor br和s: she's sponsored by Patagonia, 丽, Clif Bar, Specialized, Snowbird, Alta Ski Area, 和 more. 她开创了自己热爱的事业. 在地球周期间,她参观了罗兰堂的林肯街校区,告诉中高年级学生他们也可以这样做.

卡洛琳15岁时随家人从明尼苏达州搬到盐湖城,在罗兰堂上了初中和高中. She later graduated magna cum laude from the University of Utah with a bachelor's degree in anthropology. Though Caroline was a Winged Lion for just two years, 她告诉现在的中学生罗兰·霍尔对她产生了持久的影响:“你们能在这所学校上学真是幸运,她在4月20日领导的一次集会上说 Protect Our Winters. “作为一名学生,我学到了很多鸿博体育环境行动主义的知识. It really inspired me."

在她拜访林肯之前, Fine Print 与卡洛琳聊起了她在罗兰庄园的时光以及她作为一名登山运动员的职业生涯.

This Q&A已根据上下文和长度进行了编辑.


It was really different than my other high school. At Rowl和 Hall, they thought it was weird when I asked for a hall pass to go to the bathroom. 每个人都看着我,好像我疯了一样. 我不习惯有这么大的自由. 我来自一所天主教高中, so I really enjoyed learning about other religions, like Buddhism, 庆祝所有不同的节日, like Ramadan. 和 I really liked Interim 和 winter sports Fridays.

How did your two years at Rowl和 Hall impact you as a person?

能像成年人一样被对待,有这么多的自由,真是太好了. 我清楚记得的另一件事是阅读 Canaries on the Rim in my English class, 和 we had the author come in 和 speak to us. It's all about Utah's tragic history of environmental abuse. When I moved here, 我震惊地看到露天采矿和山顶拆迁离瓦萨奇前线的每个人都住的地方如此之近. In the Midwest, where I grew up, 任何一座那么大的山都是一笔财富,因为那里根本就没有山. 在我的地理课上,鸿博体育看了电影 Chinatown 和 learned about water issues in Utah 和 the West. I was already of the mindset that nature needs to be protected, 所以我成为了一名严肃的环保主义者.


I've been part of their rider's alliance since 2011. 他们有一个致力于对抗气候变化的运动员网络.

你经常外出工作. How has climate change tangibly impacted your career, if at all?

In a lot of different ways. 在我的国际滑雪登山旅行中, climate change is making the mountains of the world more dangerous because the glaciers are receding. As they recede, they're exposing unstable glacial moraines that are a total beast to navigate. It leads to dangerous rock fall, ice fall, 和 avalanches. 在犹他州,气温正在变暖,降雨多于降雪. 春天,天气越来越热. So instead of having a nice gradual melt, we're getting big runoffs with dangers of flooding. That's projected to increase over the next couple of decades. 在讨论这个问题的时候,你必须要小心,因为天气不是气候. 你不能把一个反常的天气事件归咎于气候变化. 但这一趋势与气候学家的预测一致. 和 at least one expert predicts if we continue to burn fossil fuels at the current rate, by 2100 we'll have no snow in Utah.

你要去罗兰厅庆祝地球日. 你希望鸿博体育现在的学生了解什么? 你在那个年纪会有什么困扰?

做这些演讲很酷的一件事就是向学生们展示你可以像我一样做一份职业——一份基于户外冒险的职业, exploration, 和 mountaineering. 这部分谈论起来真的很有趣. 所以我希望能让他们敞开胸怀接受创业精神,让他们有能力成为自己想成为的人,即使这不是传统的. 第二部分是谈论气候变化, what I've seen with it, 以及它如何影响我的行业. 第三,动员他们成为鸿博体育国家和世界未来气候变化的领导者.



的re's not one single thing. When you're doing something you weren't meant to do, it's obvious. 我从来没有觉得自己能融入任何地方,在办公室工作对我来说也很难. 我想这仍然是我内心深处的一种需求. 这也是一个消去的过程. I tried doing other things. 你只是知道当你在做你应该做的事情时——这是本能的.

What else did you try?

我想成为一名政治家. 也许有一天我还会想这么做. I did an internship for the environmental advisor to Governor Gary Herbert for a summer, 和 I did an internship with Skiing magazine as a journalist. 更多的 young people 和 women need to run for public office, 也许这是我将来要做的事情. 我不知道我能不能赢,但谁知道呢! I always wanted to be an athlete 和 I was too old to do Rowmark when I moved to Utah—it wasn't the right time in life. 现在,我很高兴成为一名运动员. 我觉得我有更大的能力去改变世界,并且尝试着用我在户外运动行业的声音让人们意识到这些问题,而不是走政府的道路.


I work for myself 和 I'm always balancing different projects. I keep things moving forward through a lot of emails 和 blogs, 我编辑照片,做内容制作. 现在我花了很多时间研究天气和预测雪崩. 雪崩安全是我工作的重要组成部分. I am obsessed with weather 和 I check it incessantly so I can predict when 和 where the best skiing is, make a plan for our crew, 并与每个人协调细节.

What's one of the coolest adventures you've been on?

One of my favorite things relating to this is when I go lobbying with Protect Our Winters in Washington, DC. 鸿博体育会见国会议员,讨论鸿博体育所看到的事情,以及鸿博体育希望他们支持什么样的立法. That's super fun. I've been participating in a lot of the recent marches. I always like a good rally—it's a big adrenaline rush. I also love the Wasatch. I've been skiing 所有这些夸张的线条. I've skied in Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Italy, Slovenia...我的国际旅行都很有趣.


In 2015 I planned 和 executed an expedition for me 和 a partner where we climbed 和 skied three 19,000-foot peaks in Peru.

What did you learn from that?

When we got there, conditions were still really wintery. 所以鸿博体育最终重新安排了行程, backing off some of the bigger lines that we wanted to ski, 和 taking some more moderate routes that were safer. 和 after we'd decided not to go up one of these mountains, three Estonian climbers died on it. 这是一个教训,如果你不确定,就应该退缩. It's easy for people to talk about stories of success, 但要想放弃就难多了.


Trust your instincts. Learn to be very self-aware. 最大的危险是死亡或严重的伤害. 如果有什么不太对的地方,不要害怕说出来,不要退缩.


Middle 和 Upper Schoolers Rally for Clean Air at State Capitol


七年级学生艾娃·埃里克森(艾娃 Erickson)站在犹他州国会大厦台阶上的讲台后,挥舞着一个蓝白相间的外科口罩. 她在1月26日举行的第三届犹他州学生清洁空气大会上向来自罗兰厅和其他地方独立学校的数百名同学发表了讲话.

“See this mask?” she unfalteringly asked the crowd on the below-freezing morning. “I had to wear one of these to school every day for four years. That was how bad the air quality was when I lived in China. 我不希望犹他州落得和中国一样的下场.”

艾娃, 这学年罗兰堂新来了谁, 她说,她在中国有朋友因为污染而患上了哮喘和肺癌. 的 American Lung Association 排名 the Salt Lake area the sixth-worst city in the country for short-term particle pollution. 但艾娃和她在集会上发言的同学们乐观地表示,个人可以对犹他州的空气质量产生积极的影响.

“By doing tiny, 比如不要让你的车空转, turning your thermostat down, 和 even just taking the bus, 你在帮助防止污染,” she said. “Every time you do something small to help our air quality, you could be helping save someone’s life.”

艾娃 和 a dozen other Rowl和 Hall middle 和 upper schoolers took to the podium at the Capitol. 组织这次活动的老师让学生演讲者回答这个问题:学生们可以做些什么来改善鸿博体育山谷的空气质量?

Like 艾娃, 演讲者鼓吹实用的建议:走路, 自行车, carpool, take public transportation, 确保家庭节能, 避免燃烧木材作为热源, unplug unused appliances, 离开房间的时候要关灯.

的 entire Rowl和 Hall Middle School attended the rally, along with Ben Smith’s Upper School environmental science class. In sixth grade, air quality is part of the curriculum. Sixth graders study, record, 和 analyze air quality in Molly Lewis’ science class—read more in this February 2016 Fine Print article.

Indeed, 罗兰堂的学生演讲者,如高年级的玛格丽特·塔特,讨论了空气质量差背后的科学和PM2的意义.5, or fine particulate matter with diameters less than 2.5 micrometers. “It’s small enough to get anywhere in your lungs,” Marguerite said. “It affects everyone—it doesn’t matter if you don’t have asthma or if you don’t have problems breathing.” Beyond giving students the opportunity to speak publicly about a scientific topic they’ve studied, 这次集会给了中高年级学生一个机会,让他们行使宪法第一修正案赋予的和平集会的权利.

的 rally, sixth-grader Aileen Robles said, let students speak for Utahns who want clean air but can’t necessarily take the time to lobby for it. “鸿博体育还了解到人们有多关心这个问题, 以及需要推动的程度, 鸿博体育的声音需要被倾听,” she said.

In a post-rally discussion, 莫莉的一些学生问,一个人能在诸如当地空气质量等问题上产生多大的影响. 六年级学生凯特·布拉格(Kate Brague)也谈到了领导力的价值:如果有一个人“愿意执掌大局”,” more people will follow, she said. 如果学生行动主义不够, Molly reminded her sixth graders that when they turn 18, they gain the right to vote. 之后,他们甚至可以竞选公职. “你可以改变,”老师说.



You Belong at Rowl和 Hall